TAVIS will send you messages whenever there is something he can help you with. You can reply to these messages on either the web version or the messaging platform you chose at sign-up (Skype or Messenger).


In the meantime, if you need any help from TAVIS simply enter #hey at any time. TAVIS will provide you with a menu with a list of options.



While you can always ask TAVIS to fetch the menu at any time by typing #hey, you can also jump directly to tasks you want to carry-out by typing any of the short cuts listed below.


Bring up Main Menu = #hey


Create an Event = #createevent


Create a Task = #createtask


Search = #search


Send an Email = #email

For TAVIS Help Info = #help



TAVIS lets you send emails to contacts and leads based upon your Salesforce email templates. These templates can be accesses within Salesforce by going to Set-up > Emails > Classic Email Templates.


You can also access email templates directly via TAVIS. In the top left hand corner clicking on “View email templates” will bring up a list of all your existing Salesforce templates. It is here that you can tick any templates you want make available for TAVIS to potentially send.

However, if you do not want to go into Salesforce to create a new template, you can also do so directly within TAVIS. In the top left-hand corner click on “Create new email template”. This will load a default template which you can edit and save for future use. The field “Email Template” is simply used as an internal name for own use. The same applies for “Description”.


Once you are happy with your Email Template name, Description, Subject & Body click the “Save & Select” button. This will create a new template within Salesforce and mark it as available for use within TAVIS.


If after having clicked the “Save & Select’ button and you want to create another template simply type over the current text and when satisfied click the Save & Select button again which create a new template.